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K115 Updated Sep 19, 2006

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Sep 23, Saturday

Public solar viewing  weather permitting, with the H-alpha telescope at the ROG 11:30—13:30 approx


Sep 24, 25 or 26 Sun-Tue

Observing at Romney with Martin’s 14-in SCT


Oct 6, FRIDAY  6:45pm

Flamsteed AS Annual General Meeting.   Lecture Theatre NMM


Oct 6, FRIDAY  7:15pm

An Eclipse Evening with Dr Francisco Diego.  Follows the Flamsteed AGM.  Lecture Theatre NMM


Oct 7 & 8, Sat & Sun

Public solar viewing  weather permitting, with the H-alpha telescope at the ROG 11:30—13:30 approx


Oct 16, Monday

Pub meeting at the Hair & Bullet Blackheath, from about 8:30pm


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Spotting Sunspots — Public Solar Viewing weather permitting, with the H-alpha Coronado solar telescope at the ROG, 1130—1330 on Saturday September 23rd and Saturday & Sunday, October 7th & 8th.  Spot sunspots and prominences (maybe).  No charge and no need to book — all welcome.


Observing at Romney   with Martin’s permanently-mounted 14-in SCT.  View deep-sky objects etc on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, September 24th, 25th or 26th.  Please contact Pat to notify your intention to attend and get travel arrangements, directions and weather updates.


Flamsteed AS Annual General Meeting FRIDAY, October 6th 6:45 pm.  Lecture Theatre NMM.


An eclipse evening with Dr Francisco Diego UCL — FRIDAY, October 6th 7:15pm.   Francisco is a founder member and old friend of the Flamsteed, and is a renowned eclipse-chaser.  Follows our Flamsteed AGM.  Lecture Theatre NMM.


Pub Meeting at the Hare & Billet, Blackheath  from about 8:30 pm on Monday October 16th. Come along for Flamsteed, astronomy, and all other kinds of chat, plus a drink or several.   Maybe some observing from the nearby Heath later.


New in Meetings & Events :


Meridian Line Walk

with Graham Dolan

Sep 3, 2006

Eclipsed Moon

From Romney

by Martin Male

Sep 7, 2006

New in Flamsteed Picture Gallery :


Lunar Eclipse from Blackheath

by Dave Redfern

Sep 7, 2006