Annular Solar Eclipse:† October 3, 2005

N01 Aug 18, 2007

On October 3, 2005 a partial eclipse was visible from the UK.†† At Greenwich it began at 8:48 BST and ended at 11:18 BST with maximum at 10:01 BST.† 57% of the Sun was covered at maximum.

This was an annular (ring) eclipse with the full annular coverage visible across Spain and north Africa.† An annular eclipse occurs when the Moon does not appear large enough to cover entirely the Sun and a ring of light is left at maximum.

The next solar eclipse partially visible from the UK is on March 29, 2006 when only 16% of the Sun will be covered as seen from Britain.† The March 2006 eclipse is a total eclipse when the Moon will completely cover the Sun when viewed from the path of totality across Africa and Turkey.

Annular Solar Eclipse:† October 3, 2005


Pat Wainwrightís eclipse gallery

Pat was at Toro, Castile y Leon, N. Spain (lucky so-and-so) and watched the entire annular eclipse.† Patís sequence shows the development to annularity very well.


Tony Sizerís eclipse gallery

Tony was at Greenwich with John Griffiths, Robert Massey and the Flamsteed team


Mike Drylandís eclipse gallery

Mike D was at the NMM Greenwich


Mike Ivesonís eclipse gallery

Mike I was at Bonus Pastor School, Downham