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Today’s big reflecting telescopes

— April 3, 2006

The Future … ?   There are several projects for larger terrestrial telescopes.   Here are just two examples proposed at 50 meters and 100 meters!  The scale and cost of these proposals must make their construction very doubtful in the near future.  It is more likely that we will see further development of adaptive optics, interferometry, and sensor technologies to get more out of existing instruments in the short to medium term.

Euro 50”  (Left) A proposed 50-meter fully-steerable telescope for the ORM, La Palma.  This instrument would be 5 times bigger than a Keck with 25 times more light-gathering power.  The mounting would dwarf a 747 airplane.

“OWL” Overwhelmingly Large Telescope (Right) A proposed 100-meter giant.  Similar to the SALT and HET instruments, it would be fixed in altitude angle.  The primary mirror would be composed of 3048 hexagonal segments, each 1.6 m.  Imagine the light-collecting power of almost 6000 Yerkes refractors held together in a bunch with a huge rubber band!

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