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P48  Dec 29, 2009

October 2009

Fermi telescope’s first year

Controversy over lunar lander prize

Voices of long-dead stars

Distant GRB blueprint of early Universe

Cosmic blast rattles Indonesia

Cosmic jewel box

GRB blast is record 13.1 bill LY away

Ares 1-X launches successfully

Quantum ‘speed bumps’ no obstacle

How many is the Multiverse?

Images transformed by chips

Space debris threat to launches

Galaxy’s mystery haze - huge supernova?

Asteroid blast - gaps in Earth’s defence?

Messenger gets closest look at solar flare

The map that changed the world

‘Most distant’ galaxy group

Panel backs commercial space

7 questions that keep physicists awake

Exoplanet has ‘life’s ingredients’

First ‘skylight’ found on Moon

Sun’s rain is why Corona is so hot?

Ares-1 ‘too late & too costly’

And then there were 400

Rethinking Relativity: Is time out of joint?

Alternative dyno-killer theory crashes

How Greenwich became home to time

Roll-out for NASA’s test rocket

32 new exoplanets announced

Robot wins $500,000 lunar prize

LCROSS captures all phases of impact

LHC gets colder than deep space

What shook up Saturn’s rings in 1984?

Barnard’s galaxy

Electromagnetic ‘black hole’ built in lab

Water generating Moon

Astronomers-Air Force clash over lasers

Glimpses of Solar System’s edge

New website to identify unknown objects

Water-ice on an asteroid?

Galileo and the IYA

An astronomer’s astronomer: Kepler 1609

Galaxies in collision

LCROSS lunar impact ‘underwhelming’

Flashgun to snap atomic anatomy

Giant ring around Saturn

Asteroid collision ‘less likely’

Russia plots return to Venus

Facelift for ‘Scotland’s Hubble’

Blasted into space from a giant airgun

Forensic exam of asteroid crash

What powers Jupiter’s storms?

Rings discolour Saturn’s moons

Combined images reveal hidden galaxy

Cosmic rays hit space age high

‘She is an astronomer’ web launch

Herschel scans hidden Milky Way

Get ready for ‘Galilean Nights’

Asteroid hunt scope in repair shop


November 2009

Grand designs for interstellar travel

Herschel seeks out galaxy ingredients

Giant scopes to resolve ancient mysteries

Gould’s Belt: violence shaped the night sky

Star smash caused mystery outburst?

Herschel ‘fingerprints’ VY Canis Majoris

Is Eta Carinae going to let go?

Terzan 5 remnant of Milky Way bulge

Comet theory faces mammoth confusion

‘Explorers of the Universe’ slide show

Titan’s lakes loaded with ‘life soup’

Fermi looks at micro-quasar Cygnus X-3

Past climate anomalies explained

Galaxy collision game released

Supermassive stars and black holes

New Saturn aurora pictures

Invisible galaxy crashing into Milky Way

LHC makes first collisions

Cassini sends pictures of Enceladus

New data from Mars meteorite ALH84001

Asteroid mission Hayabusa cheats death

Spitzer sees youngest brown dwarves

Cannibalistic galaxy pictured

Lunar water came from comets?

Cassini’s view of Heliosphere

Galaxy’s boxy bulge baffles

Dividing classical and quantum worlds

Bird’s eye view of Tranquillity Base

ALMA antennae collect first data

Forest park given dark sky honour

Mystery ‘dark flow’ to edge of Universe

Movie of massive star formation

Candidate for type Ia supernova

Record-breaking radio astronomy project

NASA & ESA sign Mars agreement

‘Significant’ water found on Moon

Lunar water by the bucketful

Lithium clue for planet hunters

The Great 2012 Scare

White Dwarves may mimic supernovae

The promise & perils of solar sailing

The turbulent heart of the Milky Way

What the LHC is really looking for

A middleweight Black Hole

Mars Rover battles for its life

Star ain’t from around here

Chaos on Mars

Rosetta fly-by to show exotic physics?

‘Dropouts’ pinpoint earliest galaxies

Hunting off-world sea life

Star birth in M83 by Hubble

Space elevator wins $900,000 prize

What if there is no Dark Matter?

New class of Supernova?

Neutron star has carbon atmosphere

Messenger spies iron on Mercury

Orbiter sees ice-covered Phoenix

Was life from cyanide in space impacts?

Strange brew at LCROSS crash site

Cassini tastes Enceladus’ geysers

TV switch-over triggers observing rush

Source of cosmic rays

New evidence supports standard view

Planets from beyond our Galaxy?


December 2009

Science News Highlights 2009

GOCE probes Earth’s gravity

Collisions, vampirism, & blue stragglers

LRO yielding rich results

Coldest place found on the Moon

Glint confirms liquid on Titan

UK science faces financial cutback

Ultimate water world?

Dark Matter researchers still in dark

First glimpse of Dark Matter?

Higgs in space?

Best-ever atlas of Mercury

High energy cosmic rays from baby black holes?

Impact crater off the Azores?

Smallest Kuiper Belt object so far

WISE launches successfully

Our atmosphere came from comets?

First direct image of young binary

Super Earth with thick atmosphere

Giant planet in binary system

Herschel captures birth of stars

Dying star imaged

Hubble’s patchwork of proplyds

‘Super Earths’ orbit nearby stars

Stunning images from UK’s Vista scope

UK to have dedicated space agency

Mars methane ‘not from meteors’

Ancient Med flood mystery solved

Strange ‘Norway spiral’ was missile

Decade of XMM-Newton space scope

CFHT scope’s 30th anniv. image

Saturn’s ‘hexagon’ pole emerges

Plough star is a binary

Second stalled wheel may doom Rover

Magnetic power directs GRB jet

Direct observation of accretion disc

Decade ‘warmest on record’

Rumours first dark matter particle found

Hubble sees most distant galaxies yet

California approves space solar power

Views of the Earth from the Moon & beyond

Coolest exoplanet yet?

Mystery of stellar brightness variations

Dinosaur impact didn’t burn Earth

Scottish mineral test for Mars life

Watery niche may foster Mars’ life

Uranus’ large moon may explain tilt

Superbright supernova first of kind

MAD stellar portraits from VLT

Why we shouldn’t release all we know

Titan lake distribution explained

Transparent universe reveals hidden galaxies

Black hole zaps galaxy into existence?

Both NASA Mars Orbiters down for count

Iris nebula star forming region