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Archived News Items — 2008

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October 2008


Hubble works but servicing slips

Hubble scores perfect 10

Spooky images from space

Spooky images part 1

New minerals point to wetter Mars

Phoenix ‘precarious’ after fault

Polar warming ‘caused by humans’

Forgotten cradle of space age

Double asteroid belt in solar system clone

Arctic ice thickness ‘plummets’

Hawking to give up Lucasian Chair

Mysterious patches dot Mercury

Mercury gets a second look

UK space ambitions ‘at risk’

Is NASA’s ARES doomed?

Hubble set to re-awaken

New spin on evidence for Dark Matter

‘Fishbowl’ spaceships and giant stars

Mars craters scars from fallen moon?

ESA Gravity mission slips to 2009

Safe Soyuz landing ends bumpy run

Trio of asteroids buzz Earth

Team records ‘music’ from the stars

Stars flickers reveal inner selves

COROT sees sunquakes in distant stars

India media hails lunar launch

30-metre scope to get noiseless detectors

No ice rinks on the Moon after all

Phobos a load of rubbish?

Indian lunar launch

Molton exo-Earths more easily spotted?

Newly released UFO mysteries

Supermassive Black Holes common early

Jupiter produced greatest Earth pounding

First pulsar identified by gamma rays alone

Faint gamma ray bursts

Variable Black Holes

Record for long-distance Kuiper relationship

Dwarf leaders shepherd galaxy gas

Volcanic lightning could have sparked life

Spitzer peers inside Comet Holmes

Outer solar system report

Grammar tool could unpick ET messages

Tidal heating could widen Goldilocks zone

Colliding rocks and curious comets

Re-writing the cratering history of the Moon

VLT captures young stars

New views of Enceladus

Galactic collisions could halt stellar birth

Haumea’s bits litter outer solar system

Portrait of stellar birth

Giant lens could clean-up dusty Moon sites

Cosmic eye peers into distant galaxy

NASA to reboot Hubble

Hottest & fastest planet found so far

More of Mercury’s secrets

Fastest stars may be immigrants

New sunspots signal end of dry spell?

Nobel for Cosmic imperfections

Small asteroid burns up in atmosphere

Europe follows fusion twin-track

Evolving galaxies shed gas & fireballs

Corot scope detects odd-ball object

Canal power for 45,000 homes

Cloudy weather on failed stars

Hurricane sized whirlpools on Sun

Deserted outer Solar System

Spitzer sees supernova flash back

Landscaping the Cosmos

Sharpening-up Jupiter

Dark Matter makes stars live long & prosper

Young galaxy’s magnetism surprises

Messenger returns to Mercury

Ig Nobel is knot funny

Hubble ANGST shows galaxy diversity

Phoenix detects snow on Mars


November 2008


Lack of comets helped life evolve?

NASA prepares Juno mission to Jupiter

Simulation gives Jupiter double-size core

Mars ice buried at low latitudes

Localised cosmic ray influx

More for ‘water reservoir’ at Enceladus

Mammoth stars resolved by Hubble

Nature of Hanny’s Voorwerp revealed

Galaxy evolution nature or nurture?

Chandrayaan-1 Moon probe a big hit

First map of Mars’ aurorae

Beta Pictoris planet finally imaged?

Meteor lights-up Canada’s skies

Fresh spacewalk in vexed mission

Polish tests ‘confirm Copernicus’

Mystery solved of starburst galaxy

Mystery source of hi-energy cosmic rays

Planet orbiting very close to Red Giant

Matter is merely vacuum fluctuations

Massive subsurface glaciers on Mars

Vast stores of water ice on Mars’ equator

ISS at 10

Astronauts ‘drop’ space tool bag

Site selection narrows for Mars lander

Mysterious electrons sign of dark matter?

Enceladus, Saturn’s strangest moon

Buran — the Soviet Space Shuttle

Europe space plans face ‘crunch’

VLT & Apex catch flares from Sagittarius A*

1000 telescopes for schools

Universe may be teeming with aliens

Deeper into Mars’ watery past

Giant telescope hits centennial

New theories on Dark Matter

Magnetar environment unveiled

Another direct exoplanet image

Planet family around normal star

Hubble images exoplanet

Exoplanets finally come into view

Mysterious new aurora on Saturn

Shockwaves make planetary ingredients

Growing stellar nurseries

Phoenix concludes Mars adventure

Deepest UV image of the Universe

Fingers & loops in the crab nebula

Meteorites’ magnetism clue to planet birth

JCMT sees hearts of ULIRGs


December 2008


Happy Birthday Earthrise

40th anniversary of Apollo 8

A Christmas cluster

The year in science 2008

Tiny clues to collision in space

Cosmology top 10 from 2008

Top 10 objects flown in space

Pope praises Galileo Galilei

Space is just a little bit closer

Pilgrimage at the centre of time

Every second counts — battle to save GMT

Split second could spell end of GMT

Dark Energy independently confirmed?

What was the Star of Bethlehem?

Neutrino scope being built in Antarctica

Hole found in Earth’s magnetic field

“Shocking” state of City Obs. Edinburgh

Phoenix may be in dry phase of climate cycle

NASA finds ‘missing’ Mars mineral

Flaw theory on Beagle 2 loss

Great escape of water from Venus

Light on Dark Energy mystery

Southern sky to be mapped

What came before the Big Bang?

Spinning droplets behave like black holes

Titan has ice volcanoes

Biggest Moon for 15 years

Archimedes and the 2000 year-old computer

Water found 11 bill. light years away

2008 is coolest year since 2000

Cosmic diamonds hidden in carbon onions?

Enceladus has ‘spreading surface’

Dissecting a super-massive black hole

Wobbly planets reveal Earth-like moons?

Milky Way’s history via red giants

Universe’s faintest stars

Carbon dioxide on exoplanet

Swirling water boosts chance of life on Europa

Giant Black Hole confirmed in Milky Way

Mars climate history in ancient rocks

Space elevator could be agonisingly slow

Gaseous rives around stars, by Spitzer

Green light for UK Moon mission

Meteorites may have sparked life on Earth

Water found in hot planet’s orbit

Brown dwarves do form like stars

Dark matter mix ‘just right for life’

LHC needs warning system

M13 Hubble’s ‘snow globe’ of stars

Meteorite hunters hit paydirt in Canada

A new class of comet?

Ancient supernova mystery solved

Venus ultraviolet puzzle ‘solved

Comet birthplace in Big Bang afterglow?

NASA delays Mars mission

X-ray machine’s brilliant future

World ‘must tackle space threat’

New view of Omega Centauri cluster