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Archived News Items — 2007

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October 2007


Hundreds of Black Holes found

Magnetic fields stop stars self destructing?

Black Holes may harbour own universes

Reaching for the stars and planets

Dwarf galaxies are ‘eerie’

Comet Holmes brightens in retreat

Comet Holmes stays bright

Space rocks go under the hammer

In pictures: Meteorite auction

Lunar lander explodes on pad

Comet 17P/Holmes brightens million-fold

Lonely planets of the Cosmos

The trouble with Supernovae

Giant balloon to loft largest solar scope

Magnetic cocoons power cosmic rays

El Nino slows the Earth’s spin

Pangea, the comeback

New room added to the ISS

Saturn’s rings hide ‘sunflowers’

Baby galaxy is not so young: Hubble

‘Youthful’ galaxy conceals ancient stars

Flashes in the Martian night

China launches 1st Moon Orbiter

Japanese probe enters Lunar Orbit

Heaviest stellar black hole found

Europe floats future space ideas

Europe set for major space campaign

NASA extends ops for Mars Rovers

Cassini celebrates 10 years

Supernova smashes brightness record

Skies to be swept for alien life

Enceladus jets from ‘tiger stripes’

New Horizons probes Jupiter’s vista

Landmark lift-off for ISS

Plan to beam power from space

Cassini on trail of ‘runaway mystery’

FUSE reaches the end

Toronto’s Dunlap Observatory to close

Two planets, one discovery

Unveiling Mercury

Lighthouse at the edge of the Universe

‘Black hole Universe’ explains dark energy?

Brighter Supernovae: dark energy murky

Did impact bowl Pluto over?

Largest Telescope plan unveiled

Site set for giant Magellan telescope

Japan puts spacecraft into lunar orbit

Russia marks 50 years of Sputnik

Sputnik was ‘force for world peace’

50 years since Sputnik (video)

‘Just right’ for building an Earth

Oxygen on Earth 2.5 bill. years ago

Star cluster is galactic heavyweight

Extreme star cluster bursts into life

‘Beam us all up, Scotty ...’

STEREO catches comet tail detaching

Is ‘naked singularity’ lurking nearby?

Papal stargazers reach for heaven


November 2007


Milky Way may have hidden twin!

Black hole record shattered

Biggest black holes grow in ‘quasistars’?

How far is the Orion Nebula?

Sun warming during solar cycle

Venus may have been Earth-like

Venus offers Earth climate clues

Lightning on Venus confirmed

Leo II:  Young at heart

Revival of Comet Holmes

NASA outlines manned Mars vision

“Teenager galaxies” discovered

Study of Einstein’s ‘big blunder’

Star cluster’s extreme speed puzzles

Mars Express: first map of Mars ionosphere

Nurseries of miniature planet systems

Voyager 2 to reach major milestone

Breakthrough map of Antarctica

Last look at Comet Holmes

Spirit gets stuck as winter approaches

How to make brightest supernova

Earth’s Moon is ‘cosmic rarity’

New on Early formation of Earth & Mars

Fundamental constant anything but?

Stars with pure carbon atmospheres

UK withdraws from Gemini Observatory

Has observing the Universe hastened its end?

ESA extends Ulysses mission

Sun may be smaller than we thought

Warming variations from Sun

Deflected asteroids may keep coming back

Is Comet Holmes bigger than the Sun?

Hubble zooms in on Comet Holmes

Planets forming in Pleiades cluster

Stellar bubble blower

Plasma plumes ‘threat to airline navigation’

Multi-star pile-up caused supernova

Clipper’s comeback

WMAP big bang data ‘not flawed’

Watching Earthrise from the Moon

Rosetta attacks!

Astronomers defend asteroid warning

New evidence for life-forming matter

Clue to Cosmic Rays discovered

Why the Kilogram isn’t what it was

Spring Forward, Fall Back

The 10 greatest space probes

Three new planets

NASA blasted for ignoring small asteroids

Mars’ tiny moons a small step ...?

Spirit to head north for Winter

Kaguya sends back hi-def Moon movie

Shuttle Discovery lands

Saturn’s ‘beat’ disrupted by solar wind

New kind of aurorae

Astronomers discover new planet

Largest extra-solar planetary system yet

Did a collision cause Comet Holmes outburst?

Shuttle undocks for Earth return

Big piece of Universe missing

Supercomputers zoom-in on the Universe

Giant telescope’s double vision

Chinese probe begins Moon orbit

Ancient sea mud records supernova

Splitting Black Holes may be key

Forming of Supernova explained

Quantum untanglement under threat?

New light on Victorian images

Comet Holmes continues to dazzle

Vast amount of water ice on Mars equator?


December 2007


2007 — the Year in the Solar System

2007 — the Year in Astronomy

2007 — Top 10 space stories

Theory about Star of Bethlehem

10,000 Earth’s worth of dust

Unprecedented view of noctilucent clouds

Less water in Mars’ clouds

Furious star formation in distant galaxy

Jets are a real drag

Space rock could hit Mars

One year on, COROT offers surprises

‘Death Star’ galaxy fires at neighbour

Mission to Comet Hartley 2

Solar System is squashed: Voyager 2

Alien astronomers could detect Earth features

Is time slowing down?

Sulphur key to Martian carbonate mystery

Moon is younger and more Earth-like

Cosmic explosion in empty space

Small asteroids can do lots of damage

Saturn’s rings may live forever

Saturn’s elusive rotation

UK cuts key projects

Milky Way’s halos have opposite spins

Great beasts hit from space

Invisible ring around Saturn

Mars Rover unearths microbe clue

‘Twilight zones’ could support life

Ministers review physics funding

Voyager 2 reaches system boundary

Origin of Saturn’s small moons

Light to shrink computer clusters

Meteorite dates lunar volcanoes

Earliest galaxies had building blocks of life

Did a comet start plate tectonics?

White dwarves get kicks at birth

Can moonbeams cure what ails you?

Rolling magnetic wave explain solar enigma

Results from Hinode: Coronal heating

Planets can survive extreme roasting

Were the first stars dark?

First stars may have been dark

Embryonic star with jets flaring

Mercury’s mag field sapped by solar wind?

Does this look like Santa Claus?