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Archived News Items — 2006

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October 2006


Hubble telescope will get upgrade

Comet Swan flares up

Deep Impact to study exoplanets?

New Hubble kit for early universe

Stellar outburst continues to baffle

New substance created from water

Our Sun had a crowded nursery

Planet-wide ocean on Mars once?

Cargo ship hits snag at ISS

The elephant & the event horizon

Moon & rain could mean quakes

Stunning panorama from Rover

Gluttonous stars trapped in clusters

A curiouser & curiouser KBO

Stereo launched

Mission guide — The Sun in Stereo

Martian soils point to ... a dearth of life

Chances of aliens finding us?

Viking may have found life on Mars

Observatory opens in New Mexico

Six debates at the frontier of science

Ozone hole is biggest on record

More than a meteor killed dinosaurs

Metop satellite lifts off

Spring on Uranus

Could microbes survive on Mars?

Heavy atom makes brief appearance

Experts create invisibility cloak

Andromeda’s head-on collision

Mysterious source of cosmic rays

US adopts new space policy

Life untouched by the Sun, in goldmine

Doubts cast on lunar ice deposits

Meade expects $6 million loss

Ariane delivers 3 satellites

Galaxy caught in the making

‘Most distant’ weather pictures

Spitzer sees day & night on exo-world

Quasar workings revealed by lensing

New insight into giant planets

Critics attack new science GCSE

Antimatter,  matter combine chemically

Flooded rivers seen on Titan

Mauna Kea earthquake update

Probe peers into Venusian secrets

In Saturn’s shadow

Saturn’s moon creating new rings

Comet ripples Saturn’s ring

String-of-pearls adorns Saturn

Comets show striking differences

Difficult for finding aliens

Earth’s wobble killed off mammals

A fresh look at Ceres

UK to join asteroid hunt

Turn out the lights, stare at the stars

LA Griffith Observatory to re-open

Planet enters ‘ecological debt’

Is the Universe out of round?

Why doesn’t Venus have a moon?

The Goldilocks enigma

Mars Orbiter looks down on Rover

Hubble finds extra-solar planets

The search for Earth-like planets

Bulge yields new planet class

Teen repellent is Ig Nobel winner

Stunning images of Mars giant crater

Dozens of giant, ravenous black holes

Saturn glows like a Chinese lantern

Planets whose years hurtle by

Giant gas loops above Milky Way

3-D map of nearby galaxies

Big Bang theorists scoop Nobel

Mars MRO returns detailed images


November 2006


Rosetta prepares for Mars swing-by

Meade sued over RCX scopes

Astronomers discuss Moon return

Radio telescope checks on asteroid

Minister in Moon talks with NASA

‘Move to new planet’ - Hawking

Ceres:  the wet look?

Meteorite carbon globules seeded life?

Possible new black hole in Milky Way

Probe films plasma loops in action

Close-up of Sun eruption

First gamma-ray pulsar

New Horizons gets glimpse of Pluto

Plethora of puffy planets

Dark matter particles could ’X-ray’ Sun

Green light for EU science plan

Ancient Moon computer revisited

Antikythera device new studies

Giant Mexico telescope launched

Saturn in the Vortex club too

Genesis data solves lunar soil mystery

Mars Global Surveyor at an end

Modest Leonids

Subaru telescope upgrade

Supercomputer dark matter simulation

Best Dark Matter model yet

Double Supernovae explosion

Fastest spinning Black Hole yet

Solar wind solves lunar mystery

Mysterious force’s long presence

Dark energy’s in early Universe

Chandra finds cosmic ray clues

New atom laser could help navigation

Contact lost with Mars Global Surveyor

Huge ‘hurricane’ rages on Saturn

Star swallowing embryonic planets?

Mirrors could create haven on Mars

Cassini stares into monster storm

Russia to open up its satnav

ESA Mars launch rescheduled

Astronauts pitch unwanted gear off ISS

Space junk: A short history of litter

Rover may get one-way ticket

Masterpiece by Spitzer & Hubble

Mercury pass delights skygazers

Transit of Mercury awaited

Mysterious waves in Venus’s clouds

China’s satnav plans threaten Galileo

The Moon’s fresh face

Jewel of the early Universe

Swift catches ‘monster flare’

Most powerful flare ever seen

Saturn moon clues to early life

Y2K-like fears for shuttle launch

India mulls manned space mission

Sun-probe Hinode sends back data

Radio telescopes face closure

Transit of Mercury on Nov 8

Greenhouse gases hit record high

The quantum world about to get bigger

Big Bang gas in cosmic shock

Venus’s surface older than thought?

Hubble mission will be complex

Griffith Observatory re-opens


December 2006


Space telescope to hunt planets

Space Shuttle returns to Florida

Historians find early telescopes

Climate changes with orbital rhythms

Odd GRB new form of stellar ending?

Mercury’s magnetic mystery explained

Ancient building block of life

Bug re-opens Mars debate

Earliest starlight disputed

Solar storm disrupts spacecraft

Grapple over solar cycle

Google and NASA pair up

Comets were not alone?

Enceladus ‘Cold Faithful’

Rethinking solar system history

Dark Matter caught on camera?

Comet confirms solar system mix up

Comets hold life chemistry clues

Final stage for telescope design

World’s largest scope wins funding

Taking Venus’s temperature

How heavy can a star be?

Prize offered to tag an asteroid

Titan’s ice mountains revealed

Titan yields surprises

Space weather ‘driver’ discovered

Fish dance on sulphur cauldrons

Sea-level rise ‘underestimated’

Satellites weigh Africa’s water

Blast wave rips across the Sun

Black Hole devours star

Water ‘flowed recently’ on Mars

MRO spies landers on Red Planet

David Deutsch interview

Table-top particle accelerator

US plans for Moon base

From sci-fi to sci-fact?

Negatively charged molecule found

Asymmetric supernovae ashes

Misshapen supernova revealed

Foreigners ‘power space industry’

Future dimming for Arecibo

Meteorite yields life origin clue