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Archived News Items — 2005

January 2005


Charon maybe in hit-and-run

First pics from SMART-1

Dark matter clouds may float by

Lunar colony to run on dust & robots

Huge solar storm

Hubble budget row

Search for life signal on Titan

Birth theory gets support

Clue to space station air problem

Science sceptics meet on climate

Alarm at new climate warning

Super-massive black hole was active

Dark matter haloes were first objects

Hubble sees extra-solar planet

Asteroid collision may explain appearance

Sedna may have formed far out

SWIFT images birth of black hole

Extinction not asteroid

More Titan Secrets

Titan: A glimpse into the unknown

Huygens data lifting veil

Planetoids could be far out

Cassini finds dust stream

Columbia saw new phenomenon

New machine to detect Mars life

Brown Dwarf theories challenged

Iron meteorite found on Mars

Hubble finds infant stars

King of Spin

Imaginova buys Orion

Huygens on Titan

Resounding success

Postcards from Titan

Huygens touchdown!

Aftermath from smash-up

Black Hole triggers star birth

Dim Sun

January 2005 astro-bytes

Three largest stars identified

Hopes ride on Huygens

Milky Way’s stellar graveyard

Big Bang sound waves

Deep Impact launch

Hipparchus’s catalogue found

Saturn shines big & bright

Giant galactic blobs

Hatchery of massive stars

Swarm of black holes

See-through Galaxy

First direct sighting of exo-planet

Spacetime wave orbits black hole

Earthquake effects on Earth

Sensor glitch strands Delta-4

Space Shuttle mapping mission ends

Dark matter clumps mapped

Iapetus bulges

Machholz at its best now

Magnetic fields warp nebulae ?

Most powerful eruption discovered

New Swift sees GRB afterglow

Mars Rovers still rolling

Physics in search of ‘cool’

Novel calendar system

Galactic fireworks image


February 2005


String revival

Newest Saturn moons named

Treasures among Saturn’s rings

Features on Phoebe named

Gyro may extend Hubble life

Mars gases life question

Frozen sea on Mars methane link

Star-less galaxy found

First ‘dark galaxy’ find

Test for gravitational waves?

Mars ‘pack ice’ frozen sea?

Measurements might explain dark energy

Dark Energy update

Blast affected Earth

Theories could explain planet formation

Mars water clues go wider & deeper

Earth creates Gamma Ray flashes

Mysterious Earth blasts detected

Black Holes control galaxy formation

Enceladus geologists paradise

Giant crater on Titan

Saturn’s aurorae defy expectations

Outsider moon

Behold delicate flower

Gamma Ray Bursts pinpointed

Explosion breaks records

‘Star-quake’ rocks Milky Way

Hubble pics like romantic art

Success for Ariane 5

Future time goes further

Titan wind experiment rescue

Rogue star has left the building

Planets may boast diamond interiors

New Arecibo sky survey

Upper limit to stellar mass

75th Anniversary of Pluto discovery

Mini-planet system seen

NASA plans to bring down Hubble

Mars Express Radar to deploy in May

Beagle 2 ‘shouldn’t have been built’

Saturnian Hot-spot detected

February Astrobytes

Search for ‘God particle’

Light echoes continue after 3 years

SWIFT sees Pinwheel Galaxy

Chunk of Missing Matter Found

March 2005


Dying stars could make planets habitable

Mars crater count led historians astray

Dark matter lost & found?

HE gamma ray sources double

Prizes target space elevators

Black Holes spawn new law

Wrangle over Hubble’s future

Superflares could kill astronauts

Giant space-time ripples

Matter right after the Big Bang

Enceladus in colour

Jupiter’s high-voltage aurorae

Far off planet light

North Sea crater shows its scars

Active, Earth-like, Titan

Dead galaxies surprise

Evidence of dark energy 30 years ago

Earth calling ...

Lightning linked to radiation belt gap

Jupiter mirrors Sun’s flares

Neutrinos zip through Earth

Hans Bethe 1906-2005

Meteor Crater revisited

Biggest solar system model

Voyagers in funding crisis

Mysterious limit on star size

Upper limit on star growth

Chaotic galaxy’s magnetic fields

Star ‘gnome’ is a surprise

Smallest star ever

Genesis crash may yield results

Mars Rovers in instrument mix-up

New class of astronomical object?

Radio pulses puzzle astronomers

Rosetta makes Earth pass

Galaxy’s subtle sidling measured

Young star kicks out X-rays

Volcanic hotspot on Mars

Solar storms slash ozone

Most distant galaxy cluster yet

Greatest Saturn portrait yet

March AstroBytes

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