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Archived News Items — 2005

July 2005


Tenth planet discovered

New solar system world has a moon

Tenth planet found

Frozen lake shines in Martian crater

Life’s ingredients found in early universe

Distant object found orbiting Sun

Discovery docks with space station

Flaw of averagesIs ordinary matter causing the cosmos to accelerate?

Falling foam grounds shuttle fleet

Pluto’s moon lines up

The life and times of Sirius B

Galaxy’s hidden arms revealed

Mars radar returns cryptic data

Has Huygens found life on Titan?

Supernova surprise

Google launches interactive Moon map

Four billion year chill on Mars

First planet under three suns

Oldest dust disk challenges theories

Deep impact was a dust-up

Supernova record

Bizarre boulders litter Saturn moon

New X-ray observatory launched

Experiment shows how jets form

History’s greatest comet hunter

Saturn’s rings sparkling with X-rays

Deep Impact ‘smashing success’

Probe strikes comet Tempel 1

Probe heads for comet collision

Largest hard core of exoplanet yet

Most distant Einstein ring yet

Saturn’s rings have own atmosphere

July Astro Bytes


August 2005


Meteor trail reveals large particles

Space penguin to the Moon

Water plume from Saturn moon

Space telescope birthday treat

Galactic collision

Earth’s core rotating faster than crust

Survey shows cosmic ‘downsizing’

Saturn’s rings have atmosphere

Supernova shockwave creates halo

Black Hole births are messy

Asteroid target spotted

The Bar at the centre of the Galaxy

Cosmonaut clocks up record

Galaxy Tracker to probe dark energy

Tenth planet may be bigger than thought

China satellite on track

Perseids 2005: First report

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter launch

Hidden hungry Black Holes

Clue to glowing X-ray sky

First triple asteroid system found

Cosmic explosion mystery unravelled

X-ray instrument loses its cool

Spirit hits paydirt

Discovery returns safely

Teens urged to be future thinkers

Cosmic rays ‘harm pilots’ sight’

Best images of Saturn’s aurorae

Astronaut fixes shuttle problem

Sun’s loops weave a tangled tale

Titan dry as a bone?

Closing in on GRBs

Moon’s nitrogen may be from Earth

Methane on Mars: the plot thickens

The battle of the names

Cosmic rays may prevent space travel

August astro-bytes


September 2005


Deuterium signature clue

Save the leap second!

Yerkes a snip at $4.5 mills?

Happy birthday, E=mc squared

Big baby galaxies in early universe

Massive young galaxy surprise

Dusty old star window on the future?

Ferreting out first stars

Shock evidence for cosmic rays

Star disk mystery around black hole

Comet Tempel 1 origin?

Huge ‘spear’ on Tethys

NASA lunar exploration architecture

Cassini spots ghostly spokes in rings

New generation GPS satellite

When is a planet not a planet?

Ring of stars round Andromeda’s heart

Dark matter basketballs could explain a lot

NASA Moon plan too costly

Moon plan ‘comes up short’

NASA return to Moon by 2020

Apollo on steroids

Sir Hermann Bondi dies

Cassini sees ‘dusty spokes’

Birthplace of Mars meteorite

Ansel Adams encore

Orphaned quasar seeks galaxy

Solar flare causes blackouts

Could Earth survive Sun?

Hamburger asteroid

Comet’s minerals hint at liquid water

Distant body may be cigar-shaped

Deep Impact ejected stuff of life

Spiral around Saturn’s outer ring

Mars probe freezes — bl***y computers!

First light for SALT giant

Dead galaxies defy theories

Behaviour of space radiation explained

Asteroid probe on close approach

Most distant cosmic blast

Titan occupies ‘sweet spot’

Hubble movie of Neptune’s atmosphere

Fastest pulsar to escape Milky Way

Clue to start of universe

September astro bytes


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