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Archived News Items — 2005

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October 2005


New moons for Pluto

Tadpole galaxy’s halo

‘Small’ hope for student satellite

Red planet comes close to Earth

First light at the LBT

Hole through Andromeda

Monster has a neighbour

F-ring Prometheus

Alien life seems yet more likely

The ground beneath the Rovers

Cracks make clouds on Titan

Brown dwarfs may have planets

Ringside with Dione

More evidence Mars was like Earth

Black hole enjoys banquet

Weightlessness suppresses immune system?

Massive stars near black holes

Asteroid close-up

China launches two taikonauts

Chinese astronauts blast off

Ice mission lost in ocean

Asteroid probe in trouble

Big exo-planet find

Yerkes ups the ante

Penguin poo wins Ig Nobel

Galaxy in pastels

35 year-old explosion mystery solved

What’s in that cloud?

Black Hole astronomy ‘within grasp’

Gravity Probe B completes data collection

The mystery of the Moon

‘10th planet’ has moon

UK scientists await ice mission

Twin telescopes cancel light

Cosmic blasts linked to mergers

Arthur C Clarke still looking forward

Moon’s shadow moves over Earth

Oct 3 annular eclipse

Don’t blame cosmic expansion

October Astro bytes


November 2005


Preview of Sun’s death?

Was Einstein’s ’biggest blunder’  right after all?

Supernovae back ‘Einstein’s blunder’

Dark Energy won’t fade away

Ultra-cool white dwarf

Nix to theory of star formation

Magnetic field in young star’s disk

Mars Rover hunts Halley

Einstein rings out in space

Centenary of Einstein equation

Celestial odd couple baffles

Pandora colour close-up

Spitzer sees dozens of new stars

Probe ‘did touch down’

Link lost with Hayabusa lander

Rome set to dim lights

Spitzer sees birth of stars

Copernicus’ grave found?

Moon maps too poor for safe landing

Hardy lichen survives in space

Timekeeping proposal sparks row

S. African Large Telescope SALT inauguration

Venus probe launched successfully

Expanding Universe shrinks galaxies

Riding the gravity wave

Bumper star crop

‘Cloudshine’ secrets of star birth?

Hayabusa touchdown delayed

China finds ancient observatory

Mars Express instrument resuscitated

First direct distance to Andromeda

Galaxy’s glittering heart

Glow from first stars revealed

Light seen from first objects?

Earliest starlight revealed

Universe’s first light?

Black widow nebula

Encounter with an asteroid

Hayabusa prepares to punch asteroid

Neutron star found instead of black hole

November Astro Bytes


December 2005


Year in astronomy 2005

2005: The year in the solar system

2005: Return of the shuttle

2005: Touchdown on Titan

2005: Mars Rovers roll on

Creator’s calling card?

Einstein’s equation confirmed

Uranus second ring-moon system

Europe’s Galileo project Q&A

Catch Mars while you can

Life’s ingredients circle star

Pluto probe prepares

New view of Supernova remnant

Stardust targets lightning return

Beagle 2 spotted on Mars?

Highest Moon for 18 years

Royal Makeover

2005 warmest on record

Galaxy’s energetic gamma rays

Long delay for Hayabusa

New Kuiper Belt discovery

Hubble weighs Sirius B

Magnetic North Pole drifting  fast

Solar blasts in 3-D via STEREO

Milky Way arm closer than thought

Risk of cosmic wipeout

Surprise aurorae on Mars

New Einstein rings

Neutron Star mystery

Galaxies grow by repeated mergers

Mars Rovers continue to amaze

Servicing Hubble

Black Hole’s influence colossal

Giant mosaic of the Crab Nebula

Second moon circles KBO