October 2004


Solo galaxy has dark matter cloak

Gigantic cosmic corkscrew

Charting asteroid threat

Liquid on Titan ?

Diversity on Titan

Cassini Titan observations

Titan close-up

Sunspots more active than for 8000 years

Meade buys Coronado

A hazy view of dark matter

Quantum Quirk may give Mass

Frame dragging confirmed

Relativity tested on a shoestring

New view of the sky

Stars take an erratic journey

Mystery object in the Halo

Gravity Constant called into question

Planet building is a mess

SMART-1 on track

No sunspots at all !

Genesis sensor was upside down

UK astronomers scan skies for threats

Comet impact in 200BC?

Pollution seen from space

Final Milky Way ‘fossil’?

Cassini eyes the culprit

Black holes haunt ghost theory

Mystery object discovered

Water coursed through Martian hills

Motion in the early Universe

Radio telescopes combine

The greatest equations ever

Views of early Universe

400-year old supernova mystery

Antarctica getting ready to heat up

WISE mission will survey in infra-red

Quark forces attract Nobel Prize

Team reflects on X-Prize success

SpaceShipOne rockets to success

Space Shuttle return delayed

Flash!  Big Bang!   Wallop!  What a Picture!

Toutatis Fly-by

Biggest Pinhole Camera ever

Dark-sky Symposium, Paris

Supernova explosions imminent

UK aims to be major space player

October Astro-bites


November 2004


November astro bytes

Asteroid Pillinger

Device to probe limits of physics

Black Holes challenge theories

Tethys pictures

Kuiper Kissers

Sunspot activity impacts on crops

Clouds of pollution pictured from space

A closer look at Black Holes

Atlas, Pandora, & Janus orbiting Saturn

SMART-1 in orbit

James Webb mirror moves ahead

UK timekeepers get very precise

Robotic Rovers Roll

Kuiper Belt aids slimming

Black Hole preceded galaxy bulge

Phobos pictures

Firms look to shuttle successor

Mysterious ‘baby’ planet

Hubble tracks asteroid

SMART-1 prepares to orbit Moon

Keck reveals Uranus ring

Uranus takes astronomers by surprise

Jupiter occultation

Auroral beauty stuns

Music of the Rings

Spitzer looks into dusty places

Density waves in Saturn’s rings

Dynamic dance at Saturn

Origin of cosmic rays revealed

Largest field of impact craters

Triple eclipse on Jupiter

Supernova produces cosmic rays

One-in-a-trillion comet

Tycho’s Supernova companion

Hunt for Kuiper belt objects

Prometheus caught stealing from rings

Refining the Universe’s size

Jupiter inward migration?

Mt Stromlo re-build, opens to public


December 2004


Remembering 2004

2004: The year in space & astronomy

2029 near miss?

Amateurs detect possible exoplanet structures

December astro bytes

Huygens probe unleashed

Aura watches over the air

Mars ‘carwash’ mystery

Comet Machholz shines

Recent galactic births puzzle

Giant ‘baby’ galaxies

Saturn discoveries...

WFCAM scoops Orion snaps

Galaxies teem with baby stars

Delta 4 Maiden Flight

Mt Wilson reaches 100

First evidence for string theory ?

Yerkes for sale ?

Before & after look at Titan

Tarantula Nebula from Hubble

Earth’s safe zone got hot

Pulsar insight into ultra-dense matter

Comet mission set for 2005

Mars water tops honours

Missile team targets the Moon

Frozen body hints at warm heart

December meteors

Sun’s solar ultrasound waves

Evolving planetary systems

Shuttle service best for Hubble

Europe presses ahead on sat-nav

Delta 4-Heavy Launcher all set

Star’s pulse is brightest ever

Seeking exoplanets

Explosions in majestic spiral

Huygens cleared for Titan

Europa for cosmic ray detector?

Rover data makes return a must

UK to invest in science

Did our Sun capture alien worlds?

Parkes threatened by fire

Hubble watches baby galaxy

Baby Galaxy uncovered


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