Flamsteed Astronomy Society

After a further enjoyable period, either basking lazily in the sun or playing with the scientific toys, it was time to depart this fascinating playground.  The sound dishes (which many of us had also experienced at Jodrell Bank), the Archimedes Screw and the Water feature seemed to engross many unreconstructed small boys in their mid forties.

Our driver had thoughtfully brought the coach right to the entrance of the Science Centre, thus saving us a lengthy trek to the Car park, for which many of us were most grateful.

After a pleasant but uneventful journey home, fortified with animated conversation, we were dropped off in Blackheath or Greenwich and left to reflect (sic) on the phenomenal advance of science over even the recent past and what a truly fascinating subject we have chosen to dabble with.


The sound dishes were among the popular toys with 40-year old kids   [Pic: Mike Dryland]

Flamsteed visit to Herstmonceux — June 14, 2008

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