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Solar Eclipse ó March 29, 2006

by Tony Sizer at Welling S.E. London

Vixen 4-in fluorite refractor

Thousand Oaks solar filter

Canon 300D digital SLR

by Eddie Yeadon at Greenwich ó

Digital Camera through H-alpha telescope

On March 29, 2006 there was a total solar eclipse. Totally was visible in a path across Africa and Turkey into Russia.† Egypt, Libya and Turkey were favourite spots for the eclipse-chasing brigade.† From Greenwich it was visible as a partial eclipse from 10:45 to 12:22 BST, with maximum coverage of about 17% of the Sunís face at 11:33 BST.† Volunteers from the Flamsteed worked with the ROG astronomy staff to host the viewing event.† Despite a miserable weather forecast, the elements were reasonably kind to us and we watched a good piece of the event as the Sun and Moon ducked in and out of the clouds.† Over 500 visitors, including many school parties, arrived and were able to use the three H-alpha scopes and three solarscopes available.† Many thanks to Peter and Mark for bringing their excellent kit to the ROG.

People pics by Mike Dryland

by Dave Westcott at Greenwich

by Pat Wainwright in Egypt

by Malcolm Porter in Turkey

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Partial Eclipse ó London

Total Eclipse ó Egypt & Turkey

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