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Coronado sessions ó November 5, 2006

by Maggy Castex

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This set was taken on November 5, 2006 by Maggy Castex, an enthusiastic amateur astronomer from Chile.†† Maggy not only crossed the world to be in London, but then (even harder!) crossed London to be with us in Greenwich.†† Thanks Maggy!† Hope we see you again before you leave London


Maggy Castex is a member of SAVAL, the Astronomical Society of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar in Chile

The Flamsteed Coronado Corps put on an excellent turnout for a good crowd enjoying unseasonal late-autumn sunshine at Greenwich.† We set-up three scopes including Davidís Big One (always a popular draw).† David has fitted a Herschel Wedge (not wedgie) which gives a very bright lurid green view of the seething surface of the Sun.† We saw around 250 visitors who were treated to a couple of good prominences.