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BBC Stargazing Live — Charlton House

Jan 17, 2012

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My goodness what an evening!   Our Flamsteed volunteers covered themselves in glory by providing the backbone and several highlights of the BBC’s Stargazing Live event at Charlton House.  It was the BBC’s London flagship event.  Our team was joined by the ROG astronomers and groups from the Science Museum, Queen Mary College, and elsewhere.


For the first hour enthusiastic visitors were able to observe Venus briefly while Jupiter and its moons caused great excitement. Orion looked magnificent above a line of tall trees to the west, lit by the glow of a nearby football pitch.


Even when we were clouded out for a couple of hours, people of all ages continued to gather round members’ telescopes to ask questions. For many this was a first and all listened intently to what was being said while others asked tons of questions.


Inside the Elizabethan house our talks on Astrophotography were full to bursting at times, with members of the public filling in the corridor. Downstairs our Telescope Workshop was a huge success until finally being overwhelmed by increasingly large groups queuing for the planetarium.


Due to the hard work and practical knowledge of those who volunteered, the atmosphere was positively electric creating a great sense of occasion. I would like to thank personally all those involved for making the evening such a success. Well over 600 visitors came to the event and left content and happy.


Grey Lipley

Charlton House [Pic: Mike Dryland]

[Pic: Grey Lipley]

Grey demonstrates the joys of an iPhone …


… and Mike and Sumitra wait  patiently for the clouds to clear

[Pics: Mike Dryland]