Flamsteed Astronomy Society

Flamsteed Workshop & Summer Picnic

July 20, 2008

Flamsteed member Rob Willett, very kindly volunteered to lead a short workshop on ĎHow to build your own binocular mountí.† Rob demonstrated how he had put together this very useful mount in just a few hours using scrap and cheap materials.† About ten enthusiastic and intrepid members came along to learn and be inspired.† Most are now making a swift recovery.

Click here to download Robís slides (needs PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer ó download here if you havenít already got it installed).

After the workshop we gathered in the Astronomerís Garden for a short picnic, and several people then went to see the presentation in the Peter Harrison Planetarium.


[Pics: Mike Dryland]

Rob & workshop by Mike DrylandRoger gets his thumb stuck by Mike DrylandRob & workshop by Mike DrylandRob & workshop by Mike DrylandRob & workshop by Mike DrylandFlamsteed summer picnic 2008 by Mike Dryland

Rob leads a Q&A session during the workshop

Rogerís thumb has become jammed in his tripod.† The ambulance from Lewisham took only 10 minutes.

The Flamsteed picnic in the Astronomerís Garden.† The rainstorm is just about to begin.