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The Herschel Museum, Bath - May 15, 2004

Around 25 of us made the trek to Bath on Saturday May 15 to pay homage at the William Herschel Museum.  We were blessed with beautiful late-Spring weather - warm and sunny.  Many of the group took the chance to stroll through Bath’s lanes and bye-ways with the Saturday shoppers.

   The Museum at 19 New King Street occupies the house where William and Caroline lived from September 1777 to 1779, and again from March 1781 to 1782.  Between 1779 and 1781 they moved to 5 Rivers Street, into a much less convenient house which had no garden and required William to set up his telescope in the street.  That was, nevertheless, the reason why he met Dr William Watson, a member of the Royal Society who brought Herschel to the attention of the Royal by passing on many of William’s early papers.

   It was back at 19 New King Street on March 13, 1781, where William first saw the object that proved to be the planet Uranus, the first planet discovered in recorded history  (See our Herschel page).

Lunch at the Cafe du Globe

William’s cellar workshop where the flagstones were cracked when the mould broke and molten speculum metal poured onto the floor.

(Photo Dave Waugh)

Report & Pictures by Mike Dryland (except where shown)

“Surely it must be time for tea?”

(Photo Dave Waugh)