March 11, 2004

A hardy group braved the elements to battle through (get it?) to the Herstmonceux Science Centre, previously home to the Royal Greenwich Observatory.   Any ideas we had about sampling the view through the preserved telescopes were dashed by the elements.  Dark it certainly was, and also very cloudy, windy, and b***dy cold.

Anthony Wilson (R) made the trip very worthwhile with an excellent talk about the Astronomers Royal, history and work of the RGO.  Anthony then led us on a tour of the telescopes preserved in what was the RGO’s Equatorial Building.

38-inch “Congo” Schmidt.   The mirror was defective and the telescope was never used.

Self-portrait (must have been the second pint of Guinness that did it)

Madam Chairperson (but who is the handsome devil on her left?).  A variety of snappy headgear was on display

“If he keeps that up, I’ll make sure he sees stars!”